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Economic Value of Surety Bonds

At the Annual General Meeting on Thursday, September 28, SAC President Steve Ness announced the publication of The Economic Value of Surety Bonds in Canada; which assesses the impact of... Read More!

BC Wildfires: Protecting What Matters

British Columbia is in a State of Emergency. Since the BC Wildfires began a few months ago, over 24,000 people have been evacuated with many more evacuation alerts in place... Read More!

Changes to Cyber-Security in Canada

Bill S-4, the Digital Privacy Act, implemented some significant changes to the Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). What does this mean for Canadian businesses... Read More!

Cyber Risks: Impact

2017 is already proving to be a year with increased cyber risks. Does your business have the protection it needs? In a study done by Tripwire, almost 96 percent of IT professionals... Read More!

Hamilton & Rosenthal, Chartered Accountants
Quarterly Newsletter: Tax Tips & Traps

Year-end Tax Planning 2018 - (PDF format)

This publication is a high-level summary of the most recent tax developments applicable to business owners, investors, and high net worth individuals. Enjoy!
2018 Second Quarter - Issue No. 122 - (PDF format)

Tax Ticklers, Digital Currency, Family Members, Corporate Passive Investment Income, Reasonable Automobile Allowances, Construction Activities, U.S. Citizens, CRA Mobile Phone Apps
2018 First Quarter - Issue No. 121 - (PDF format)

Tax Ticklers, Income Sprinkling, Input Tax Credits, Marijuana, Loans To A Relative’s Business, Business Failure, Commission Paid To A Corporation
Year-end Tax Planning 2017 - (PDF format)

This publication is a high-level summary of the most recent tax developments applicable to business owners, investors, and high net worth individuals. Enjoy!
2017 Fourth Quarter - Issue No. 120 - (PDF format)

Tax Ticklers, Business Loss Or Personal Venture, Guaranteed Income Supplement, Charity Filing And Compliance Obligations, Dying Without A Will, Operating A Business In The U.S., Non-Compliant GST/HST Registrants, Support Of Refugees, Underground Economy
Memo - September 19, 2017 - (PDF format)

The Federal government’s technical paper of July 18th, 2017 includes measures to change the taxation of investment / passive income earned in a private corporation.
2017 Third Quarter - Issue No. 119 - (PDF format)

Tax Ticklers, Tax for Private Corporations, Employee Discounts on Merchandise, Death Benefits, Retirement Income Calculator, Return of a Gifted Property, Voluntary Disclosure Program, Withholdings on Remuneration to Non-Resident, Professionals' Work in Progress Exclusion, Electronic T4 Slips
2017 Second Quarter - Issue No. 118 - (PDF format)

Tax Ticklers, Employment Insurance, Sharing Economy, Uber Drivers, Personal Use Asset In A Corporation, Donation Of Publicly Traded Securities, Investment Management Fees, Website History, Charities and For-Profits Working Together, Leave Of Absence
2017 First Quarter - Issue No. 117 - (PDF format)

Tax Ticklers, Principal Residence Exemption, Employment Expenses, Meal Reimbursements, Taxpayer Relief, Payroll Advances, Objections, Cra Strategies On Offshore Tax Evasion
Memo - July 18, 2017 - (PDF format)

The Federal government’s technical paper on July 18, 2017 is proposing significant changes to tax planning using private corporations.
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