Our Services: Construction Bonding

Bell Davidson Insurance is one of Canada's leading Bond Brokers.

Clients of Bell Davidson Insurance Brokers rely on our expertise as trusted Contract Surety Bond advisors. Whether it's arranging the first bond for a contractor making the transition to bonded contracts, or providing guidance to established clients who are negotiating advanced work programs, we have the qualifications and the relationships with Canada's leading surety markets to get the job done.

Through memberships in various local construction associations, we are aware of contractors' concerns and issues affecting their industry, as well as being able to anticipate their surety bond requirements. In addition, our contractor clients benefit from our historically successful track record with the bonding companies we represent and our ability to leverage the amount of bond support required during economic growth cycles.

Bell Davidson Insurance Brokers secure bonds for general building contractors, trade subcontractors, heavy equipment contractors, manufacturers and suppliers.

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