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Electronic Bid Bonds are now here

Electronic Bid Bonds are now here and their usage is expected to grow substantially over the coming years. The City of Calgary now requires an electronically created Bid Bond to be attached to your MERX electronic tender. Without this ebond your tender will be deemed non-compliant and as a result, rejected. We are also aware that Defense Construction Canada and Alberta Infrastructure are moving forward with electronic bidding platforms. These too will incorporate ebonds.

Bell Davidson has engaged the service of Xenex Enterprises Inc. utilizing their SignatureMaster© ebonding platform. We are fully operational and are delivering ebonds to all of our clients that bid to the City of Calgary. Further, as other tendering authorities move to electronic tendering we can immediately follow with ebonds for our clients who tender to these institutions.

Bell Davidson is one of the few Bonding Brokers who can deliver ebond to your company. If your company bids to the City of Calgary or is contemplating doing so, call us, as you will need a broker that is fully versed in the preparation of these bonds.

For more information please access the Xenex SignatureMaster© website here

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