Our Services: Loss Control

Our experience has resulted in a proven track record of reduced claims.

Understanding your business and the exposures unique to your firm is the first step towards loss prevention. Our experience and working in conjunction with insurance company loss control personal, has resulted in a proven track record of reduced claims.

Additionally, our experience in dealing with legal liability issues provides a level of reassurance that our customers have come to depend on, both as a resource for preventing claims and for guidance when the inevitable occurs.

No matter how well managed your safety program may be, unfortunate events do happen. When they do, our claims team will assist you in:

  • Ensuring prompt reporting to your insurance company
  • Assist in emergency property restoration and cleanup response
  • Negotiate coverage issues with insurers to obtain a favorable settlement
  • Monitor reserves and claims handling of litigated general liability and automobile liability suits
This hands on approach results in lower insurance premiums, broader coverage options, less down time for your business and the comfort of enjoying your home and vehicles as you prior to the loss occurring.

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